NFT-related careers in Malaysia and the job openings by companies

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If you’re connected to the internet in any way, you’ll know that the latest gold rush has been around NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens have taken the world by storm, and with all the interest they’re generating, many are hoping to jump on the train and yield some profit while they’re at it. But being an artist or brand owner isn’t the only way you can make money from NFTs.

Though the movement is still in its infancy here, to our surprise, we learnt that Malaysia already has NFT-related careers available (albeit not a lot). Thus, we’ve written this article to shed some light on the opportunities that are out there.

(By the way, if you’re still unfamiliar with NFTs, you can read our explainer article to get acquainted with them.)

1. Community marketer/manager

The nature of NFTs makes the industry relatively community-centric, as the value of an NFT is directly linked to how much interest it garners from the public.

Hence, developing and maintaining communities on social media not only helps with brand awareness, but with identifying active users and prospective customers. This is the role of a community marketer/manager. 

If you’re familiar with internet culture, community marketers and managers might sound like moderators, and you’d be right to notice these similarities.

Like server or stream moderators, community marketers are expected to encourage community engagement and ensure a positive experience for users and customers. They are the liaison between the company and the community.

Being savvy with all types of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and more, is a big part of the role.

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Companies looking to hire for such jobs include:

  • PressLogic Malaysia needs a Community Marketing Executive for NFT Projects (Kuala Lumpur);
  • INMAGINE wants a NFT Community Marketing Lead (remote job);
  • DeLabel is looking for a Community Assistant (Kuala Lumpur).

2. Digital designer

Designing the actual NFT is a core element of the industry. Humans are highly visual creatures, so a skilful digital designer is critical for most companies dealing with NFTs.

Being able to handle illustrations, motion graphics, or 3D designs would be part of the requirements for this role. Creativity is key, as an NFT designer will have to generate many ideas for digital collectables.

You’ll need an understanding of the target audience and what the NFT community is interested in.

Other than designing for a company, local artists have been getting into minting their own artwork and creating collectables through various art marketplaces such as Artlab and, which we’ve previously interviewed.  

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Companies looking to hire for such jobs include:

3. Writer

Writing articles about NFTs would require a good level of knowledge in the space, and those taking on this role must be able to write clear and engaging content.

Tech-inclined individuals will probably suit this position more, as writers working with NFTs should be able to understand and articulate concepts to do with crypto and blockchains in a digestible manner.

Did you know: Book NFTs are a thing too. Just like how people are turning art into NFTs, authors have been turning various aspects of their books (such as covers, alternative editions, exclusive readings) into digital collectables.  

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Companies looking to hire for such jobs include:

  • is looking for a Content Writer (Shah Alam/Subang Jaya).

4. Website developers

Web developers for NFT companies or ones exploring NFTs should firstly be well-versed in blockchain architecture and decentralised technology.

Front-end developers must be able to create user-friendly experiences through their platforms. This might be particularly challenging when it comes to an industry as new and complex as NFTs, so it’s certainly a job for the professionals.

Back-end developers don’t have it much easier, though. They’re also expected to know all about blockchains and how to integrate the technology onto the site.

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Companies looking to hire for such jobs include:

  • has job openings for Front End Developers and Back End Developers (Kuala Lumpur or remote);
  • is in need of a Frontend/UI Web Developer (Shah Alam/Subang Jaya).

5. Customer support

Almost every industry will have to consider customer support. With NFTs still being so new, a lot of customer guidance is needed.

As you can imagine, customer support associates in this industry must have expertise in crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. Support providers should also value the security of the customers they deal with. Communication skills are obviously a must too.

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Companies looking to hire for such jobs include:

  • is looking for a Customer Support Specialist (Shah Alam/Subang Jaya).

Early bird gets the worm?

Ultimately, jobs in the NFT realm are much like those in many other industries, except it’s specialised in something that’s still relatively unfamiliar to the masses.

You might have noticed that we didn’t list that many companies seeking employees for NFT-related roles right now, but as acceptance of the concept continues to grow locally, the number of NFT-related jobs will surely follow.

Those who are getting a head-start in this industry may gain advantages for years to come if NFT continues to be the rage it is today.

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