New Book Pays Homage to the Beautiful and Chaotic Bloghouse Era –

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For a short time in the mid-2000s, the dream of the underground rave materialized in unique DIY fashion: bloghouse. Lina Abascal’s new book offers readers a glimpse into the chaotic, vastly undocumented era that many still cherish to this day.

Never Be Alone Again: How Bloghouse United the Internet and the Dancefloor is a cultural deep-dive into the bloghouse zeitgeist of the mid-2000s. Bloghouse wasn’t simply the events that took place, but how they came to be through the power of the internet and human curiosity. Music was the centerpiece and catalyst, fueling a curiosity to learn more about obscure electro and punk through blogs, eventually leading to events that can only be described as of the “you had to be there” variety.

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