Natural & Non-Toxic Perfume Brands

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Unfortunately, there is no official definition of what makes a perfume clean. Because it’s unregulated, defining “clean” is entirely up to the brands, and it differs from each one. It boils down to looking for ingredients that don’t cause skin irritation or adverse reactions. But keep in mind that even plant-based fragrances (a.k.a. essential oils) may cause certain people to react—even though they’re natural. Overall, you’re aiming for perfumes that don’t include questionable ingredients like sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, or parabens in place of more natural ones like botanicals and natural oils. If you’re still on the fence about ingredients listed in a particular perfume, you can find out more on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

Swapping out hard-to-pronounce ingredients in your signature scent for cleaner alternatives doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or longevity. We tested 12 clean perfumes that are more kind to your skin and smell equally amazing. From fresh florals to spicy musks, there is a clean perfume waiting to be spritzed on your wrist. Scroll ahead for our favorite picks.

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