Mura Masa Opens Up About Mental Health and Music Production In Candid Reddit AMA –

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In a candid Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”), Mura Masa has opened up about his mental health journey.

After a fan asked him about noteworthy achievements that have helped his creative process and anything that’s helped his mental wellbeing, Masa said he started going to therapy, fixed his sleep, and started eating healthier and more regularly.

“But to be honest after all that I was still feeling mentally exhausted and ended up getting on Anti-depressants and that’s really changed my life,” he explained. “Anxiety was basically dictating all my descisions/movements [sic]. I can only say to anybody reading, if you’re feeling like things aren’t going right for you mentally then do reach out and make some changes. I had no idea how fun life could be, it’s kind of crazy that normal people are just walking around here chilling like this haha.”

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