Multiple Shocking Reports Of Africans Being Denied The Opportunity To Leave Ukraine To Get To Safety

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Roommates, overnight absolutely shocking reports emerged that Africans, who are desperately trying to escape Ukraine and head to safety, are being denied due simply because they are Black—while being subjected to harsh discrimination and claims of abuse.

The trending topic #AfricansInUkraine on Twitter quickly detailed the horrific conditions that many Africans are reportedly facing, including a mother and her small child being blocked from boarding a train to leave the country following its invasion by Russia.

According to dozens of reports from those who are facing direct racial discrimination as they attempt to flee Ukraine and head to safety, there have been hundreds of Africans who spent up to three days and nights on the Poland-Ukraine border—and physically prevented from leaving the warzone.

This physical restraint includes heartbreaking claims from Africans that they have been whipped by troops close to the Polish border, along with local soldiers pointing automatic weapons at African men, women and children, according to cellphone footage that has circulated online.

Additionally, the shocking accounts and videos didn’t stop there, as vans have also been shown driving into crowds of African students protesting that they are students wanting to board the rescue trains, but have been denied access.

This situation is developing and we will keep you posted with updates. We want to continue to send our thoughts and prayers to all who have been impacted by this tragic situation.


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