FashionBeans: How did you get started collecting streetwear?
Maj Veloso: It started with sneaker collecting in 2007. I wasn’t paying much attention to the whole streetwear culture at the time but then in around 2009 I got into labels like NEFF, Johnny Cupcakes, A Bathing Ape, Crooks & Castles, Kid Robot, The Hundreds and Kozik. From then on, I learned how big streetwear was.

What drew you to the culture?
Most people think streetwear is simply just fashion. I’d say it’s more of a lifestyle, and what I love about it is that each and every individual has their own way of living it. It’s also really fulfilling to see people helping each other out within the culture.

What’s your most expensive item?
A lot of people think I buy a load of high-priced items, but I just tend to get lucky with most of my finds. If you were to ask me how much I’d spent over the years, I would bet on more than $50,000 (£38,000) in total.

What’s your desert island purchase?
I’d probably say my rare Supreme box logo tee from 2003. It took me long enough to actually get my hands on it. Luckily I got it for a steal. I don’t really look at prices, but more on the story behind the items I own.