Megan Thee Stallion and Mugler’s Casey Cadwallader on Their Wild Creative Chemistry

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Cadwallader: When I first heard “Plan B,” I just knew that this video had to be all about Megan. That it would only be her in it, and it would focus on her the entire time. I think in order to spit this track out, it’s so important that she stands super competent, regal, and powerful. So it was really about trying to find these amazing angles that would allow her to command the screen and really dominate it. And I knew that she was an insane performer. Once you get the camera on, she does three takes, and each one is better and better and better than the previous.

There’s also that amazing final shot of Megan where she’s being held up with supports like you’d see under an ancient sculpture in a museum. How did that come together?

Megan Thee Stallion: Casey was just like, ‘Megan, would you be up for going naked? We’ll make you a hat!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, shit, naked, okay!’ [Laughs.] We just cleared the room, and of course, I was super comfortable. Casey wanted it to be all about body and beauty. When I walked on set, I just thought, well, I hope it comes out pretty! And it did. Although I really had to balance myself. That was really me on top of like, three sticks. But it was so much fun.

And Casey, you were serving double duty in a sense, both directing the video and designing the clothes. What were you trying to go for on the fashion side?

Cadwallader: I really wanted it to be very refined, graphic, and clean. I find Megan to be one of the most gorgeous people on the planet, so I wanted to see her in something more pared back. I just wanted everything to be really, really, really clean so that the thing that you remember most is the performance. All the looks are black and graphic with illusion panels in between, to make a very sort of sexy and sculpted silhouette.

Casey, you tend to work with a lot of muses from the world of music. What is it about female musicians, in particular, that inspires you?

Cadwallader: I mean, I have always been pretty much obsessed with female performers. It started with Janet Jackson, Madonna, Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, and Queen Latifah. I was also focused on these strong women. The thing about these people is that they are so confident and so full of energy and so radiant. And for me, that is really the epitome of what Mugler is about. It’s about dressing you to make you feel like the sharpest, very best version of yourself. And I think, with these amazing women and performers, it takes the spirit of the brand to its highest level.

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