Meek Mill Brags About His S*x Skills: I Love To Eat Girls Butts . . . Tastes Like Lamb Chops!!!

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Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has a wild side – at least s*xually. During a new interview with Supa Dupa Humble for the Dirty Street Confessions segment, the 34-year-old rapper spoke about his craziest experiences in the bedroom, including the time he had a “sixteensome” in London.

One video from Meek’s recent interview with the influencer, during which he spoke about his a**-eating skills, explaining that he’s not very good in that department. He needs more experience with it he says.

“No, [I’m not a professional a**-eater], not yet,” said Meek. “I need more work, I ain’t done it a lot of times.” He went on to rate his analingus skills at a 6-out-of-10. “I got taught how to eat a** from a Philly girl,” he said, before claiming that booty tastes like “unseasoned lamb chops.”

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