Maisie Williams Recreates a Punk Makeup Look From ‘Pistol’

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“She really used her body as a canvas,” Maisie Williams says of punk legend Jordan (née Pamela Rooke), who she plays in the new series Pistol. “When I think about my icons growing up, [like] Lady Gaga, she kind of represented that…it was interesting to learn about Jordan because she was doing that a long long time ago.” Jordan’s fun, eccentric approach to her look was her calling card—from her white tresses coiffed into a bouffant to her dramatic kohl eyeliner which she would sometimes etch geometrically onto her face. In Pistol, which depicts the rise and fall of the Sex Pistols over the course of a six-episode limited series, Williams brings those iconic makeup looks to the screen. 

But before the artistry, a bit of skin care: “The biggest tip I would have for anyone struggling with acne is to just listen to your own skin,” says Maisie Williams. “Actually, I found that to heal my skin, I had to do less and try to stop stripping all of the good oils.” She admits she discovers most of her products on TikTok, though now she practices a four-step regimen: a hyaluronic acid-infused cleanser, CeraVe facial moisturizer, handheld LED light device, and Ilia’s SPF-infused makeup-skin care hybrid.

The 25-year-old says she’s struggled to find the right shade match, but now relies on Fenty Beauty’s soft matte foundation. “Every image of [Jordan] with this look are flawless, so I feel like a couple of layers, a couple of different formulas, definitely helps making sure it will stay,” she says. As for brows, Williams creates a clear canvas by bleaching them daily and setting them in place with brow soap. “There’s a lot of freedom to the way you can sculpt your face,” she says. For her role in Pistol, she also bleached her hair. 

Williams begins drawings the Mondrian-inspired shapes with a Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner, then a Glossier liquid pencil. For the red pigment, she reaches for an Urban Decay formula. The look is completed with a red lip, a coat of mascara, and a sense of satisfaction in an artful transformation: “This makeup look is definitely the most extreme makeup look I’ve ever done,” Williams says.

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