Listen to Mica Levi and Eliza McCarthy’s New Song “Jealous Spell”

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Mica Levi has released a new song with English folk artist Eliza McCarthy. It’s called “Jealous Spell” and it appears on the surprise inaugural release, out today, from a new label called Music. The 16-track compilation, also titled Music, features songs by Oliver Coates, Jonatan Leandoer96 (aka Yung Lean), Elysia Crampton (under the moniker Chuquimamani Condori), Steven Warwick, and more. Check out the tracklist and hear it in full below.

Early this year, Mica Levi released Blue Albi, following 2020’s Ruff Dog. Levi also issued a film score for A24’s Zola.

Revisit “The 50 Best Movie Scores of All Time” featuring Levi’s scores for Jackie and Under the Skin.


01 Eliza McCarthy / Mica Levi: “Jealous Spell”
02 Madteo: “Career Killer”
03 Madteo: “Ltd.Hangout”
04 Oliver Coates: “Werewolf”
05 Chuquimamani Condori: “Stars Over Riparian Corridor”
06 Brandon Juhans: “Ninety Nine”
07 Design a Wave: “Unfinishe Track 16”
08 Design a Wave: “Unfinishe Track 18”
09 LA Timpa: “Self Respect (I’m Part of It All)”
10 Chicken: “Strobe Lights”
11 Behavior / Mayako XO: “Deicide”
12 Steven Warwick: “Delicious”
13 Jonatan Leandoer96 / Oliver Coates: “Black Moon”
14 “First Violin to Get Gollancz Attention”
15 Die Reihe: “Brown M&M’s”
16 Mica and Jo: “Pull”

Artwork by Nicolas Ceccaldi

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