Lenny Kravitz Showed How a Rockstar Does Gilded Glamour at the Met Gala

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The entertainer is known for his all-out opulent style, and we’ve seen him don chainmail tanks and crop tops. His love for dressing up links back to his childhood. “I honestly cannot remember the first time [I dressed up for an event], because my mother dressed me in suits and ties since I was a child. She loved taking me to Saks Fifth Ave picking out ensembles for me,” Kravitz tells Vogue. “I do remember going to an anniversary party for my grandparents in the itchiest wool suit with a bow tie that drove me crazy.”

Photo: Courtesy of Mark Seliger

Even among the megawatt glamour of both the Met Gala and the music industry, Kravitz has always been both grounded and spiritual. His favorite part of the event was not necessarily the clothing, but rather catching up with friends. “I enjoy seeing people that I have not seen in a long time, and everyone is in a festive mood enjoying the fantasy,” he says. And as for his lucky talisman? “I carry love in my heart wherever I go.” Below, see Kravitz’s look behind the scenes.  

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