Lash Curlers for Every Eye Shape

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Traditional eyelash curlers come with two pivoted handles, each with a small opening for your fingers. To begin, place your index finger and thumb in the designated grip holes, and then open the curler wide enough to fit in your top lashes. Try to get as close to the root of your eyelashes without pinching your skin. Then, close the curler by gently squeezing down your thumb and index fingers. “Pump” the curler by opening it and closing it four to five times, moving your way up to the tip of your lashes. This pumping action gives your lashes a nice swoopy curl instead of an L-shaped one. After you achieve your desired curl, apply mascara to lock it in (we don’t recommend applying mascara before curling as it can stick to the lash curler and hinder performance).

As for upkeep, it’s best practice to clean your eyelash curler with alcohol after each use and replace the pads every six months to avoid bacteria buildup, which can irritate your eyes. Keeping the tool clean will ensure that it properly curls your lashes for years to come.

Ready for swoopy, lifted lashes? We’ve rounded up 11 of the best eyelash curlers that will become the newest MVP in your makeup routine, no matter your eye shape or lash length.

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