Lana Condor Takes Us Inside amfAR’s Palm Beach Gala

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This past Saturday evening, amfAR hosted its annual gala for the first time in Palm Beach, Florida. The event aimed to raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS research, and featured a glitzy cocktail reception, dinner, and even a special performance by Christina Aguilera. In attendance was actor Lana Condor, who tells Vogue she wanted to take part in the good cause. “My favorite part of the event was learning about all the amazing work amfAR does to support HIV research,” she tells Vogue. “It was really fascinating how much the organization has spearheaded research on potential vaccines for HIV, and has supported the community.”

While the night’s main objective was to raise funds for amfAR’s crucial research, it was also an opportunity for guests to dress up and look their best for the fundraiser. Condor wanted a simple, but sleek, look that didn’t detract from the night. A white “Greek goddess-like” gown from Ferragamo perfectly fit the bill. “I felt so special and elegant in the gown, and it made me feel so confident,” says Condor. “It was also very lightweight, which is crucial for a night out in balmy Palm Beach.” Her favorite details were the dress’s stitching, and the gold shoes that went with it (Ferragamo is known for its footwear, after all.) “The gold shoes were timeless and perfect, and really made me feel like a Greek goddess,” she says. “They were delicate and perfectly sculpted.”

Ahead of the big bash, she squeezed in some much-needed family time in Miami. “Almost all of my fiancé’s family lives in Miami, so we drove down for a couple days,” says Condor. “It was great to see his abuelita and abuelo and have that special time. We also went shopping in Palm Beach, which was absolutely incredible. And ate a lot of Cuban food!” 

As for what’s next from Condor in the next few months? She has a new film, Moonshot, coming out at the end of the month. “I got to do it with my friend, Cole Sprouse, and it was truly a blast to shoot. I also have a new Netflix TV show coming out later this year: my first producer venture,” Condor says. But she’s looking forward to a personal celebration the most. “Of course, planning our wedding is the best part of it all!”

Below, Condor takes us inside amfAR’s Palm Beach Gala. 

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