Kettlebell Squat: How To Do It the Right Way

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Squats are one of the most functional strength training moves you can add to your sweat routine. Whether you’re carrying your grocery bags or rolling up your yoga mat, you’re using the strength of your legs to get it done. Adding a weight to your squats makes the move even more effective. In this week’s episode of The Right Way, Clara Baini, physical therapist and founder of Good Day Pilates, shows you how to do a kettlebell squat with proper form…so that all those trips to Trader Joe’s get way easier.

“Kettlebells are a really great way to add load to your squat,” says Baini. Of course, you could also use barbells or dumbbells to rep through your squats, but kettlebells have a more ergonomic design that you may find easier to handle.

That said, there are a few common mistakes people often make while performing kettlebell squats—and Baini has seen it all.

The first one comes while you’re trying to pick up the kettlebell in the first place. “When people go to pick up the kettlebell, they’re really just rounding through their spine and picking it up super quick,” she says. Both of these faux pas are a recipe for hurting your back, and that can be exacerbated if you keep your spine curved forward while you’re performing your squat, she adds.

The lesson here is to make sure your core stays engaged and your back remains as flat as possible with the collarbone wide while you’re handling the kettlebell. Once you’ve checked these boxes, don’t rush through the motions: Take things nice and slow. And bam—you’re ready to perform a kettlebell squat.

Be sure to check out the full video for Baini’s step-by-step guide to crushing your kettlebell squats.

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