Kentucky’s Medical Cannabis Bill May Not Be The Best, But Here’s Why It Needs to Pass

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House Bill 136 would allow medical marijuana only for certain conditions, including cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

It doesn’t take a policy wonk or even a jaded journalist to understand that the Republican supermajority that holds all of the cards in the Kentucky legislature is intent on playing their heavy hand toward regressive, grandstanding bills to attack issues like LGBTQ rights, abortion and schools.

The old-school Republican hardliners and the new-age terrifying fringe right-wingers are, like always, looking to tear down existing structures — and make up problems where there aren’t any — j to enhance their tactics of fear, appease their base, then rinse and repeat.

The one surprising outcome from this year’s session so far is that a real, yet narrow, path has seemed to emerge for medical marijuana, although not exactly a super progressive one.

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