Katt Williams Roasts Michael Blackson For Claiming MLK Jr. Had A ‘White Side Chick’

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Katt Williams called out Michael Blackson after the comedian claimed that Martin Luther King Jr. had “a white side chick.”

“I don’t mean to start no sheet but I heard that Martin Luther King had a white side chick. Is it true,” Blackson tweeted. “I’m just a beechn*gga from a little village so please let me know.”

“C**n question,” Williams responded in the comments. 

The white woman in question was Betty Moitz and she was named in David Garrow’s 1986 MLK biography, Bearing The Cross. In 1964 biography, Lerone Bennett quoted King as saying: “She liked me and I found myself liking her. But finally I had to tell her resolutely that my plans for the future did not include marriage to a white woman.”

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