Kate Winslet “Couldn’t Stop Crying” During Leonardo DiCaprio Reunion

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Winslet met DiCaprio in the ’90s while working on Titanic. They teamed up again in 2008’s Revolutionary Road, playing a married couple struggling with their relationship.

Looking back at the movie that first brought them together, Winslet mused, “I turned 21 on that shoot, and Leo turned 22.”

“It wasn’t pleasant for any of us, but we were all in it together,” she remembered of Titanic‘s grueling filming schedule, jokingly noting that DiCaprio “had way more days off than I ever bloody did.”

“I guess I was raised to be grateful and just get on with it. I didn’t feel it was my right to be miserable, and if I was miserable I certainly would not have let a journalist know,” she said. “There is no way I would have let that slip!”

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