Kaskade Is Releasing a Reimagined Version of His Iconic “Fire and Ice” Album – EDM.com

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Kaskade‘s Fire & Ice album from 2011 is getting reworked in a big way. 

The iconic “Room for Happiness” producer took to social media last week to announce version three of his seminal Fire and Ice album, noting that some of the songs will include vocals from the original singer-songwriters.

“If you remember or if you were here in Southern California, I had a Fire & Ice 10-year anniversary party,” Kaskade says in his video. “In preparation for that show I was at the studio one day all stressed out. I was here trying to figure out the vibe for what I was going to do that day. In that process I started thinking, ‘What if I just remade the record? What if I made new versions?'”

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