Kardashian Christmas Decorations TikTok And Instagram

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Most of the time, I go about my life feeling pretty indifferent about what the Kardashians do in their spare time.

But when it comes to Christmas, lemme tell you, I’m the first to get excited about their little Instagram posts on how they decorate their houses.

This year, it’s been extra special thanks to Penelope Disick and North West having super-insider TikTok accounts.

@pandkourt / Via tiktok.com

Penelope and North are giving the people what they really want. 

First up is Kim’s house, which, of course, features a bunch of all-white Christmas trees. Oh, and she also has this Grammy-winning pianist play Christmas songs EVERY morning during the month of December to wake up her kids.

Keeping in theme with her usual all-white décor, we’ve got these Dr. Seuss–looking Christmas trees:

@kimandnorth / Via tiktok.com

They seem to line the infamous hollow hallway and one (?) of the living rooms.

And to match, she has white stockings hanging on the mantel.

@kimandnorth / Via tiktok.com

Nothing goes better with white than white.

She does have this one purple tree, though.

@kimandnorth / Via tiktok.com

Which looks like it’s in the playroom.

North’s vanity (at least what I’m assuming is North’s vanity) seems to be getting grade A treatment from her elf on the shelf, because LOOK at all that candy and gingerbread cookies.

North also made this TikTok about wreaths laid out all over the house, so I think this might be Kim’s house too.

Next up is Kourtney’s house, which thanks to P, we got to see the before and after of set up. Here’s the before:

Truly a “winter wonderland.”

Kourtney is also the queen of elf on the shelf, because her elves did a whole WORKSHOP. (Kim even says so in the video on her Instagram story.)


My niece’s elf on the shelf sometimes moves her pillow.

And then her elves sent a formal invite to Mason, Penelope, and Reign to decorate gingerbread houses and drink hot chocolate.

Pretty sure the bunk beds fully covered in wreaths are in Kris’s Palm Springs house.

@pandkourt / Via tiktok.com

(But don’t quote me on that one.) 

Here’s a closer look at the beds/wreaths.

Also, I know this isn’t ~technically~ decor, but I love that Penelope decided to show us how many matching PJ sets they have to buy for the whole family.

Basically, the Kardashians each brought the North Pole to their homes.

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