Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts sets record straight on so-called feud

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After many years of speculation, Eric Roberts has publicly discussed his so-called feud with younger sister Julia Roberts.

According to the rumours, the famous siblings had been estranged following a supposed argument back in the ’90s. But now Eric, 66, has set the record straight on that long-running speculation. 

Speaking on Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, the actor told host David Yontef that there has never been a rivalry between himself and 54-year-old Julia, and the feud rumours began when he made a playful joke during an interview after Julia rose to fame in the 1990 film, Pretty Woman

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Actor Eric Roberts, actress Julia Roberts and their sister Lisa Roberts and actor Jon Voight attend the 'Runaway Train' Premiere Party on December 4, 1985 at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.
Eric Roberts and sister Julia Roberts in 1985. (Getty)

“Julia and I have always been fine,” he said. “I think years and years ago I was doing a press tour for some movie, I don’t even know what movie it was, and it was just when Pretty Woman just got released. And so they’re asking a bunch of questions about Julia and I said, ‘Excuse me. Can we talk about me?’ [thinking] I was very funny. And of course, then it’s like, ‘Oh, they have a problem.'”

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“Suddenly all these problems I keep hearing about I have with my sister that I don’t have with my sister,” he added. “And they’re just popping up all over the place. And I’m asked about them as if they’re real issues.”

Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts.
Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts. (Getty)

That’s not to say the siblings always see eye-to-eye, Eric said. 

“We don’t agree on a lot of things my sister and I, but we’ve always talked, we’ve always b—-ed. Always had fun, known each other. Simple as that,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong. I love knowing my sister. She’s a cool chick, my sister.”

However, Eric – who is the father of actress Emma Roberts – said that he has learnt his lesson and, for the most part, no longer mentions his sister in interviews. 

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“She’s got a lot of s–t she has to deal with. And she’s doing a TV series again now,” he said. “I mean, she’s doing a lot of stuff … you know, I don’t ignore it. I just stay out of her hair with the press. And that’s all. Simple. And she stays out of mine.”

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