Johnny Depp is dating his married lawyer from UK defamation trial : entertainment

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I’m kind of tired of Depp being this cultural darling. Whoever was more in the right with him and Amber, both came off looking horrible. This isn’t exactly a good look either. (It’s in fact a bad look)

It’s weird to me that the role that more or less saved his career, Jack Sparrow, was cast over 20 years ago. Like. I remember being in middle school and thinking “oh wow he’s getting a whole new chapter!”

And he’s failed to do meaningful work since. I’m now just a few years from being how old he was in PotC. The widespread acceptance of his weird behaviors is enough to spur a conspiracy theory that he has blackmail material on half of the U.S.

So, fun game! Comment with what deep dark secret of yours that Johnny Depp knows.

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