Jimmy Kimmel Spots Most Insane Moment Of Donald Trump Jr.’s Bizarre New Rant

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Jimmy Kimmel spotted a truly bizarre moment in Donald Trump Jr.’s latest video rant… and it wasn’t what the ex-president’s son said that stood out most in this case.

It was something in the background.

Trump’s latest video was about updated guidance on Ready.gov on seeking shelter in the event of a nuclear emergency, which included advice on social distancing.

Trump found it hilarious:

Kimmel didn’t find it nearly as funny.

“Is anyone gonna help him already? How many hints does he have to give us?” Kimmel said.

But then the late-night host spotted something even more bizarre.

“And look at this,” he said, zooming into the background of the video to a tree and a Santa Claus decoration. “His freakin’ Christmas tree is still up. It’s March!”

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:

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