James Cameron Wants to Make Two Cuts of His Future Movies for Streaming and Theatrical Release : entertainment

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During an interview with Variety, James Cameron discussed his desire to have two versions of his films for streaming and theatrical release. It seems like the innovative filmmaker continues to push the envelope when it comes to entertainment.

In a Directors on Directors segment, Cameron talked with Dune director Denis Villeneuve about their experiences in filmmaking. The two directors also discussed their takes on streaming, with Cameron outlining his plans to use streaming services in ways that will push the industry forward:

I think what we can see is an expanded form of cinema. I want to do a movie that’s six hours long and two and a half hours long at the same time. Same movie. You can stream it for six hours, or you can go and have a more condensed, roller coaster, immersive version of that experience in a movie theater. Same movie. Just, one’s the novel, and one’s the movie. Why not? Let’s just use these platforms in ways that haven’t been done before.”

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