Ina’s Ultimate Tuna Melt Recipe Is the Perfect Lunch for This Week

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It’s no secret that when Ina Garten releases a new recipe, we listen. But when she calls it the “ultimate” anything, we stop scrolling, drop everything, and head to the kitchen. That’s exactly what happened when she posted her Ultimate Tuna Melt recipe, and by the look of the comments, I wasn’t the only one who felt like they were ready to devour it ASAP.

I usually keep my tuna melt recipe (or anything that has to do with tuna) pretty straightforward. After all, one of the joys of preparing tuna lies in its simplicity and ability to be a quick comfort food. You never need anything more than salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon, and chopped onions; you know, if you’re into that kind of thing. But Ina’s Ultimate Tuna Melt is well worth the few extra steps and ingredients — including some that I never thought of combining with tuna.

Her recipe includes fluffing the tuna with celery, scallions, and dill before adding lemon juice, salt, and pepper. After it’s all combined, you mix in the mayo and anchovy paste. Next, you toast the bread. Once it’s toasted, you’ll spread the tuna mixture on the bread, sprinkle your Swiss cheese, broil for a minute or two, and enjoy the best tuna melt you’ll probably ever have.

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