I Tried TikTok’s Lube Hack For Hair: See the Photos

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lube for hair

  • A hack for perfectly sleek hair is gaining popularity on TikTok.
  • The hack involves applying lubricant to hair for a sleek or wet look.
  • Our editor tried using lubricant in her hair; keep reading to see her results.

I keep a pretty close eye on any beauty hacks that go viral on TikTok. I love testing out makeup and hair hacks, and some of them have actually been game changers when it comes to my beauty routine. Others? Not so much. When I saw a few viral videos of people using lubricant (yes, that kind of lubricant) to achieve different sleek and wet hairstyles, my first thought was that it definitely looked . . . interesting. I spent about two seconds debating whether or not I should try it before I sighed, opened up Amazon, and purchased my first-ever bottle of lube.

I went to the beach the day before testing out this hack and I ended up swimming in the ocean, which left my hair super dry and unruly. However, it wasn’t yet time to wash my hair (I stick to a pretty strict hair-washing schedule), so I decided I would make use of one of my favorite hairstyles, the slicked-back bun.

lubricant for hair

Typically when styling my slicked-back bun, I use a styling pomade, a little bit of sea-salt spray, and hair spray. To test this hack, I opted to only use the One Condoms One Move Lubricant ($10) and no other products because I wanted to see how well it would hold up throughout the day.

Testing the hack was relatively simple and uncomplicated. To start, all I did was squeeze a quarter-size amount of lube into my hands and begin working it into my dry hair. I ended up using about two-and-a-half full pumps of product before getting my hair fully “lubed up.” Once my hair was sufficiently slick, I started brushing it back using a boar-bristle brush into a low ponytail. From there, I wrapped the hair into a bun and used a second hair tie to secure everything in place.

The main difference I noticed between using lube versus my typical products was that my hair was a lot more slippery and slick. Usually when I use a matte pomade, I find that the product can often be difficult to disperse evenly in my hair, but I had the opposite experience when using lube. The product worked into my hair easily just by using my hands, but just a few swipes of my brush made completely sure the product was diffused evenly. (One quick thing to note: if you do plan on testing this out at home when you happen to be around any other people, definitely give them a heads up regarding your new hair-care routine. My boyfriend was extremely confused when he walked into the bathroom to find me slathering lube all over my hair.)

lubricant for hair

At the end of the day when I realized that my hair stayed in place and no flyaways or stray hairs were sticking out of my head, I was genuinely impressed. The bottom line? Using lube to create the perfect slicked-back bun definitely worked for my hair. As for why it works, if I had to take a stab at guessing, I would assume the answer most likely comes down to ingredients. I used a silicone-based lubricant, and a lot of the hair products I use that give my hair a sleek shine also have silicone in them.

When it came time to wash everything out, although I was expecting it to be difficult, it really wasn’t that bad. I typically double shampoo my hair each and every time I wash, and by the second shampoo, I couldn’t feel any leftover residue in my hair. In fact, after a hydrating hair mask, my hair felt just as soft as it normally would.

Although I don’t think I’ll plan on using lube for all of my future slicked-back-hair moments, I definitely think I’ll keep a few individual packets of lube in my purse just in case an emergency situation arises — of the hair variety, of course.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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