I Made Faster Flameless Candy — Here’s My Honest Opinion

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The holidays can get extremely competitive in my family — especially when it comes to desserts. My mom is an all-star baker and my aunt owns a pastry shop, so I’m sure you can already feel my stress levels rising. This year will be my first time seeing my extended family since I transitioned to plant-based eating some years back, so I’m mentally preparing myself for the comments. Nerves aside, I made a promise to myself to not shy away from baking a vegan dessert recipe that even the pickiest eater in my family can enjoy. 

While searching for no-bake desserts I could try my hand at, I stumbled upon this Faster Flameless Candy recipe and thought to give it a try. After reading up on its history, I quickly discovered that this is a beloved Southern treat also known as Old-Fashioned Cornflake Candy. The generations-old dessert is traditionally served during the holiday season, which makes it the perfect treat to try this time of year.

How to Make Faster Flameless Candy 

This easy recipe calls for four simple ingredients: a box of corn flakes, a jar of crunchy peanut butter, white syrup, and white sugar. You’ll also need a large saucepan, mixing bowl, sheet pan, parchment paper, and a nonstick spatula. 

Begin by lining your sheet pan with parchment paper and set it aside for later. Next, combine one cup of white syrup (I subbed in an organic brown rice syrup here) and one cup of white sugar (make sure your sugar is vegan if you follow a vegan diet) in a large saucepan. Cook over medium to high heat — or until 250°F on an electric skillet as the recipe notes — until the sugar completely dissolves and the mixture comes to a boil. 

Then, you’ll remove from the heat and mix in 12 ounces of crunchy peanut butter. Slowly add in one cup of corn flakes at a time and begin to stir slowly and gently. Once combined, quickly scoop out the mixture and drop it as clusters onto the lined sheet pan. Allow the clusters to rest and harden for two to three hours on your countertop, or place them in the fridge overnight. 

My Honest Review of Faster Flameless Candy 

This recipe is hard to mess up and it’s perfect for someone who isn’t a great baker. But you should know that it’s very sweet. So if you’re into super-sweet desserts, this is for you. The next time I make this, I plan to sub the white syrup for maple syrup and to only use half a cup of sugar. I’ll also add vanilla extract to the saucepan mixture and fold in unsweetened coconut flakes. This treat won’t take home gold in the looks department, but it would surely make for a great treat to pair with coffee on a cold morning.  

Tips for Making Faster Flameless Candy 

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Chauniqua Major-Louis, known as Major, is a creative with a personality as big as her hair. Major is a vegan and she’s obsessed with iced Cuban coffee and spicy foods. She lives in Orlando, Florida and splits her time between running an organic popcorn business and managing PR and content for food brands.

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