How to Shave Your Balls

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If you’re wondering how to shave your balls, you may have already made up your mind. But before you break out the razor, first, consider that nobody needs to shave your balls. You can be a perfectly well-groomed person even if your nutstack is au naturale. 

Secondly, even if you want to get rid of some hair down there, full-on shaving your balls can be unnecessary when using a body hair trimer is far easier, far less risky, and yields more or less the same benefits. You can still get 90% of the smoothness with much less chance of ingrowns or an ER visit. 

Still, we know plenty of guys want to put a razor on their jewels. No judgment, it’s your body, and we’ll be the first to agree that getting bowling-ball smooth down there feel great, so…  we want to make sure that you do this as safely as possible.

How to Shave Your Balls 

1. Get the right tools

No cartridge razors, please. That ballsack skin is so delicate and free—you don’t want to risk it getting trapped between a stack of sharp blades. Instead, you need two tools for your soon-to-be-smooth tool: an electric trimmer and a safety razor.

An electric trimmer will snip the hair super close to the skin without breaking the surface, so that you get the appearance and general feeling of smoothness. Ball hair is typically fine, sparse, and flimsy, so you won’t feel the same stubble-like nature as if you shaved your pubes, pits, or beard. 

Meridian below-the-belt trimmer

A safety razor will minimize skin dragging and will tackle the shave with a single blade as opposed to 3-5 of them. You should probably learn how to shave with a safety razor (on your face, that is) before trying it on your balls. There is a method to doing it right, given the weighted handle and sharp blade.

2. Pre-trim the area

You need to use a trimmer before you shave, in order to snip down the hairs to a short enough (read: shaveable enough) length. Aim for half a centimeter or so on the trim, so that they cooperate with the blade but don’t hinder its performance. It’s the same reason you can’t just tackle a beard with a razor; you need to trim it down first, in order to actually manage the shave. Don’t touch the trimmer to the skin if you can avoid it, and pull the skin taut as you trim.

3. Take a warm shower

Same as shaving your face, you need to warm up the scrotal skin and prepare it for a shave—using warm (but not hot!) water. This relaxes the skin and the hairs alike, and makes both more receptive to the blade, but in the case of your balls, it serves another important point: A shower warms and stimulates blood flow to the balls, so that they’re loose and flexible for your shave, instead of climbing up into your stomach as if it’s -20 degrees. Give the area a good wash, too.

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