How to Make Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

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Recently infused products have been coming up left, right, and center. Dispensaries in San Diego are stocking infused teas, infused sprays, and so on. Well, infused bath bombs are one of the favorites that get used by stoners and non-stoners alike. So, what’s a weed bath bomb? It is precisely what it sounds like, a bath bomb with weed as one of its components. Various fragrances and compositions offer users the choice of picking what tickles their fancy.

Why Use an Infused Bath Bomb?

Research has it that infused bath bombs have many benefits for the body. Consider this, you have had a hard day at work and are sore all over. Alternatively, you can pop some painkillers and let the pain go away slowly, or you could have a refreshing soak in cannabis-infused bath bombs.

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