How to Get Shiny Glass Hair, According to Stylists

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After you’ve blown your hair out smooth, it’s time to move on to the flat iron. “Depending on your hair health, you can determine the temperature to set your flat iron, but you would like it to be as hot as possible,” advises Harrington.

Pro tip: When flat ironing, use a comb. “First clamp your flat iron to the section of hair and then follow your flat iron with your comb to ensure no tangling or knotting occurs. This ensures every strand of hair is smoothed through the flat iron process,” says Harrington.

Now that your hair is slick, smooth, shiny, and glass-like, polish off any flyaways with a light styling cream. Harrington likes using a pomade to smooth the hair and warming it up between her fingers before applying to avoid clumps and allow for even distribution.

Wear your on-trend hair down, straight, or spice it up with a clip or barrette on one or both sides. And don’t forget those selfies.

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