“House Of Gucci” And “The Godfather” Similarities

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Ridley Scott’s crime biopic, House of Gucci, has been released in theaters, with many critics noting similarities to The Godfather.

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It’s no surprise that a filmmaker would take elements from such an esteemed piece of cinema, but there are many surprising similarities between Scott’s film and Francis Ford Coppola’s magnum opus. And so, let’s take a look at them, shall we?



Rodolfo Gucci and Vito Corleone

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Both played by such celebrated actors, Rodolfo and Vito act as heads of their respective households, but their sons want nothing to do with their businesses and become estranged from them and their families. Though both patriarchs end up in bad health for different reasons (with Rodolfo falling ill and Vito getting shot), it is only when they are near death that their sons return to reconcile with them. 


Pacino, Obviously

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Of course, the most obvious comparison between both films comes with the man himself. In a reversal of his iconic role in The Godfather, legendary actor Al Pacino stars as Aldo Gucci, who acted as the co-owner of Gucci until his nephew, Maurizio, rose up and took over the company. Pacino’s character shares the Vito archetype with Rodolfo, but Aldo’s leadership is transferred to his nephew due to his corporate takeover instead of his death.


The Killings

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The Godfather featured plenty of bloody killings courtesy of the Italian mob. While House of Gucci only featured the one murder of Maurizio Gucci, it was still carried out by two hitmen from Sicily (though Maurizio’s killer had no real-life ties with the mafia). All in all, the planning and buildup to Maurizio’s climactic death as presented in the film feels like a scene taken straight from Coppola’s iconic crime saga.


Paolo Gucci and Fredo Corleone

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Jared Leto was all over the place in his role as Maurizio’s cousin, Paolo. Like Michael and his brother, Fredo, both of them start off on good terms until Paolo betrays the family by having his father Aldo arrested for tax evasion. Michael and Maurizio eventually get back at their respective traitors, with the latter having Investcorp buying out Paolo’s shares. And everyone knows Fredo got the short end of the stick.


Maurizio’s Love Scene With Paola

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After separating from Patrizia, Maurizio ends up in a romantic relationship with his old friend, Paola Franchi. This is similar to how Michael takes refuge in Sicily and marries Apollonia. Both films feature a love scene with each couple that is executed in almost the same way, right down to their movements. Director Ridley Scott is known for his detailed style of filmmaking, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he took this romantic scene and made it his own.


Maurizio Gucci and Michael Corleone

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Both men are very similar in how they both desired to avoid the family business and live a normal, respectable life. However, they were both driven to take control of their family’s respective empires by outside forces and ended up committing very questionable acts against their family. And yet, House of Gucci makes Maurizio’s wife, Patrizia, the protagonist, making it more like a film about the woman who made Michael Corleone.


Aldo Hugging Paolo

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One of the most iconic moments from The Godfather trilogy is when Michael hugs his brother, who betrayed him, before giving him a kiss and saying, “I know it was you, Fredo.” Al Pacino channels this moment in the scene where Aldo hugs Paolo after learning he agreed to sell his shares of Gucci. But instead of threatening to kill his son, Aldo simply says that Paolo is an idiot, but that he’s his idiot.


Maurizio Buying Out His Family

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Everyone remembers that scene in The Godfather where Michael had all the other Dons murdered and taking control of the mafia. Maurizio similarly takes control of Gucci by forcing Aldo and Paolo to relinquish their shares of the company to him. Though Maurizio doesn’t own Gucci for long, both takeovers are still pretty shocking acts that complete Michael and Maurizio’s tragic descent into darkness.

What did you think of this list? Were there any other similarities that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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