Here’s What You’ll Find in Bobby Flay’s Fridge

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If you’re anything like me though and have wondered who the man behind this food empire exactly is, and what his fridge looks like, you’re in luck. The talented chef recently gave Misfits Market — the online grocery store where Flay is chef-in-residence — a tour of the inside of his refrigerator, and it’s nothing like I expected.

“Surprise! It looks a lot more like yours than you’d think,” read Misfit Market’s Instagram caption on the video post. Flay’s fridge does slightly resemble mine minus the mussels, the dozen types of cheeses, and the caviar. There’s also the aji amarillo from Peru that we’re probably not going to find in a lot of refrigerators in this country, according to Flay, and the Chinotto, an Italian orange-flavored soda that Flay says, “is something no one has.”

This isn’t the first time the ​​restaurateur and reality television personality invited us into his home. A few months ago, Flay gave Misfits Market a video tour of his pantry, where an extensive collection of condiments lived alongside an impressive amount of baking ingredients.

We also learned a lot about Flay by looking in his fridge, such as that he enjoys his fruit cold and always keeps grapes on hand for snacking during his favorite shows. He also refuses to follow any milk trends and only uses whole milk for his coffee. Flay also mentioned he consistently has to update his condiments because things go bad, and that’s something that we definitely have in common.

Carlos Matias


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