Gwen Stefani Sings ‘Last Christmas’ in Red Tulle Dress & Heels – Footwear News

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In a video posted to Instagram today, Gwen Stefani pranced around in a dreamy red tulle gown singing a Christmas classic, Wham!’s “Last Christmas.”

Looking like a holiday Barbie, Stefani sang the tune surrounded by orange trees for a Christmas special, dressed head-to-toe in red. The singer donned a full tulle gown that showed through to a tan layer of fabric. The dress had a sweetheart neckline and was decorated with the dainty tulle in breathtaking details.

The magic didn’t stop there. The back of the dress was just as special, wrapped up in a gigantic tulle bow that draped down Stefani’s back. The dress featured silver crystals that sat just below the intricate bodice’ the skirt flared out, giving the dress gorgeous length and volume. For jewelry, Stefani opted for silver bracelets in ample layers on each wrist while a myriad of layered silver necklaces with sayings written on them hung around her neck. The singer wore a chunky gold ring and studs on her earlobes to complete the look. It’s a festive outfit that encapsulates the excitement and glamour of the season in a way that only Stefani can pull off successfully.

Keeping up the red theme, Stefani donned red pointy heels with a shiny finish. The heels are slightly edgy like the starlet and very fun, embracing the traditional hues of Christmas with a Stefani twist. The shine of the fabric adds an interesting textural element that breaks up all that voluminous tulle.

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