Grace and Frankie’s Ageless Beauty Secrets, From Gray Hair to Glowing Skin

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“Frankie is a mix of hippie, spunky, kooky, and a free spirit,” says Tomlins makeup artist Bonita De Haven. “Her makeup needed to reflect natural while enhancing her lovely features.” Unlike Grace’s, Frankie’s clothes are bolder and more vivid. “I love Frankie’s style,” says De Haven. “Her wardrobe was often colorful and it was important that her makeup was strong enough to balance with her hair and costumes, yet reflect a softness.” To prep skin, the pro leaned on primer to create the perfect base; one that smoothes fine lines, reduces shine, and helps grip the makeup that follows. “Shoot days can be long and primer gave her foundation and makeup the ability to last,” says De Haven, who administered coverage as needed with light sculpting and roseate washes on the cheeks and lips. Of course, playing up Tomlin’s icy gaze was also key. “They are a beautiful blue and a signature shape,” she says. “It was important to emphasize them without changing that shape.”

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Another essential part of capturing Tomlin’s hippie spirit was her trademark cascade of long, dark silver waves, which are actually a nod to Grace and Frankie creator Marta Kauffman. “We were inspired by Marta’s beautiful long dark hair with silver threads and used her vibe as inspiration for Frankie,” explains hairstylist Marlene Williams of creating Tomlin’s full lace-front wig, adding it was shaded with different natural colors “to represent the aging process through hair and, at the same time, look beautiful!” As for texture, it was all about channeling a lived-in feel. “Frankie’s wig was air dried, waves were enhanced with spiral curls using various irons and broken down into flowing natural texture,” says Williams, adding that she used a lightweight hair oil to smooth flyaways and add definition. No matter the vibe of the episode–“from silly to stunning to playful!”–Tomlin’s unfussy, yet aspirational beauty was out in full force.

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