Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Review With Photos

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  • Givenchy’s Prisme Libre Loose Powder has been hyped all over TikTok.
  • People claim that the powder gives an airbrush finish and brightens the skin.
  • One editor put the powder to the test and was impressed with the results.

As much as I love dewy makeup, I must admit: I love undereye setting powders. Since I struggle with dark circles and hollowness, a good loose powder is the key to looking awake and refreshed. While scrolling TikTok one night, I kept seeing people rave about the Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder ($58). Not only did they say it instantly brightened the undereye area, but also that it made the skin look poreless. I had to try it.

The powder comes in five shades from fair to deep skin tones. I chose shades four and five, two of the deepest shades, with the intention of mixing them if number four was not deep enough. I’ve had to mix powders numerous times to get the brightened effect I liked under my eye area, but for $58, I hoped that I wouldn’t need number five.

When I opened the tub, I noticed that one single container contains four different shades of powder. Two of them looked like they were for brightening and the other two were quintessential correcting shades. The combination seemed like a recipe for success, so I was excited. (They are not meant to be used separately; you have to shake the powder out, which mixes them together.) I decided to only use the powder on the undereye area on the right side of my face first to compare the results.

I took the Powder Puff Face Triangle ($10) I bought off Amazon, dipped it in the lighter of the two powders, and applied the product under my right eye.

As you can see, the powder had a slight brightening effect, which was exactly what I wanted. It did a solid job at brightening my dark circles, but I did notice you could see the texture around my undereye area a little more noticeably. Then, I used the loose powder all over the rest of my face, and that’s when the real magic happened.

When applying the powder — again, only to the right side of my face — using a Shop Miss A large powder brush ($1), I noticed that while the powder gave a soft, matte finish, it was not completely stripping my skin of the dewiness that I’ve come to love.

Once I was done, my skin looked smooth, and my normally prominent dark marks from acne scars were blurred. Surprisingly, the best use for this powder, I found, was not as an undereye setting or brightening powder like what was suggested on TikTok, but rather as an all-over face powder to give a soft matte finish to the skin.

As much as I love dewy makeup, I can readily admit that it can be a little high-maintenance, particularly with my combination-to-oily skin. This powder gives you the best of both worlds.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ariel Baker

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