Gift Idea: Easy Care Plant Subscription

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The best gift subscriptions are warm and welcome reminders of someone’s thoughtfulness long after the holidays. If you know someone who’s curious to see if they have a green thumb or looking to bring some greenery into their home, consider a plant subscription.

I’ve purchased houseplants from several online retailers, and Lively Root is consistently one of the best and most economical. My plants always come perfectly packaged and ready for their new home. Their easy care plant subscription includes a plant delivery every three months for a total of four different plants.

The company also has a lot of resources for new plant parents.

The easy care plant subscription is on sale for $132 (small; 4″ diameter pot) and $160 (medium; 6″ diameter pot). A pet-friendly plant subscription is also available and on sale for $160 (medium size). The recipient’s first plant will arrive 3–7 billing days after you are charged.

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