Gettoblaster Drop Insanely Catchy Tech House Collab with Love & Logic, “Get Risky” ft. Born I [PREMIERE]

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Gettoblaster’s latest surefire hit with Love & Logic, “Get Risky” featuring Born I, comes to life in a brand new, animated music video out today!

With the artists involved representing Detroit, Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C., respectively, the overall sound adheres to a mix of dance styles and scenes. The insanely catchy collaboration is eclectic and cohesive, impeccably produced and executed.

For the music video, animated versions of the DJ duos and rapper take to the streets and ultimately start their own party. The infectious grooves and trippy visualizations match the aesthetic of Gettoblaster’s signature sound and label Aliens On Mushrooms, through which this collab is released.

“We are so excited for this to finally drop!” Gettoblaster share of the release. “It’s our first time working with an animation for our music,” and the result is phenomenal!

Listen here, link up below and check out Gettoblaster on their Aliens On Mushrooms Tour. More details here.

Gettoblaster, Love & Logic – “Get Risky” ft. Born I

Animation by motherbrainart

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