George Clooney Says His Proposal to Amal Clooney Was a ‘Disaster’ : entertainment

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George explains :

“It was a disaster, I planned it out, I planned the whole thing out,” George said. The issue was that he’d left the ring he planned to propose with in a kitchen drawer for Amal to find. But when she saw it, she assumed it belonged to another woman.

“I was going to give her the ring right at this song ‘Why Shouldn’t I,’” George explained, referencing a song by his late aunt Rosemary Clooney. “I got the ring in the drawer and the song starts and I told her there was a lighter can you get it — we had a candle on but I blew it out so she could get the lighter.”

He continued, “She sees the ring in the drawer and pulls it out. She says, ‘There’s a ring there,’ like somebody left a ring there years earlier….And I am like on my knee like… and now the song is playing and – we know exactly how long [the proposal]took because of the playlist. She didn’t say yes till ‘Goody Goody,’… but that was supposed to be later when we were dancing…She kept saying ‘Oh my God, oh my God.’”

Eventually, George begged Amal to have mercy on his old bones because he couldn’t kneel and wait for her answer anymore.

“She said, ‘Oh yes,’ and then she said, ‘Yes,’ thank God. So I pulled it off!” George concluded.

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