Fumble GDR Tackles Giant Mechs, King Arthur In ‘Knights Of The Round: Academy’ TTRPG

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Fumble GDR (Klothos, Not The End) and MS Edizioni (Fantasy World) announced yesterday the debut of Knights of the Round: Academy, a TTRPG heavily inspired by shonen, real robots, and school drama anime, designed by Claudio Serena. Running until October 28th, the campaign follows the announcement that Fumble will be developing the official Cowboy Bebop Tabletop Roleplaying Game in conjunction with Sunrise, Don’t Panic Games, and Mana Project Studio.

Knights of the Round: Academy cover art

In Knights of the Round: Academy, or KotR:A, you play a Student of the Round Academy, the most prestigious military academy of Brit’an, where you will learn how to pilot a Knight, giant robots built by Dr. Merlin, while also building everlasting friendships, finding love and becoming the very best you can. As you can imagine, the setting is an alternative techno-fantasy Arthurian legend, where magic and science are real, and it will of course be full of easter eggs.

Knights of the Round: Academy magic
Magic and technology mix in explosive ways

The Academy’s motto, Unum Cor, Vis Plurium, which can be roughly translated to “One Heart, the Strength of Many”, sums up what the main experience we want you to live will be: anime protagonists could be as strong as they want, but their true strength lies in their heart and in the connections they make along the way.

“Here at Fumble, we love Japanese animation, we grew up watching anime every day of the week, and we still do it in our spare time. It would be safe to say that anime and manga played a big part in our education, so it’s easy to understand why we wanted to make a TTRPG set in a fantasy anime school!”

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