FTN Bae Shares Lie Detector Test Results That Support Sexual Assault Allegations Against Doodie Lo

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FTN Bae is standing on ten toes behind her son’s allegations of sexual assault by Doodie Lo. As previously reported, she shared an audio clip of her son Wesley in October. In the recorded conversation, Wesley tells his mother that her ex-boyfriend and OTF rapper Doodie Lo assaulted him. Then, in December, Doodie Lo filed a defamation lawsuit in response. Days after Doodie Loo revealed the lawsuit, FTN Bae gave credibility to her story by taking a lie detector test.

Lie Detector Test Results

The results say there’s a 0.1% to 6.3% chance that FTN Bae, real name Britney Elder, lied about Wesley’s behavior changes and what he told her. Credibility consultant/polygraph examiner John J. Palmatier wote in a letter that without a credibility assessment from Doodie Lo, it’s his “opinion to a scientific certainty” that FTN Bae is telling the truth. John’s letter says FTN Bae was truthful in answering assessment questions. Also, the “allegations and behavior reported were factually stated,” John wrote.

“So HERE IT IS ! I was accused of making this disgusting story up because i supposedly was this bitter ex girlfriend, BUT NO,” FTN Bae wrote on an Instagram post. “STOP PLAYING WITH MY NAME! i simply am a mother STANDING up for her child! PERIOD! i will NEVER let someone ruin my reputation and my NAME! Nor would i ever flat lie like that on the internet.”

The artist shared a video and photo that shows her testing, a letter detailing the results, an analytical chart and the John’s resume. She says she spent $1,500 to book the credibility assessment. In turn, John spent four hours asking in-depth questions about the events leading to Doodie Lo’s defamation lawsuit.

Doodie Lo’s Defamation Lawsuit

Doodie, whose real name is David Saulsberry, filed the suit to “recover damages for defamatory statements.” In the legal documents, Doodie says FTN Bae recorded her son’s story several times and used the recordings to “taunt” him before taking the story to social media on October 27th. He is asking for five million dollars in actual damages and 10 million dollars for punitive damages.

At the time, FTN Bae filed her own motion to dismiss his lawsuit. She blasted him on her Instagram Story from inconsistencies in his story to clowning his financial request.

FTN Bae Challenges Doodie Lo To A Test

In her post about the credibility assessment, FTN Bae made it clear she doesn’t have anything to hide.

“I have cleared MY NAME & everything else will be handled with the courts! A Ni**a can claim their innocent all day long but it’s the ACTIONS you look at! & since he’s SOOOOOOOOO willing to do the lie detector test, i did my part what’s your excuse? let’s see,” she wrote. 

She continues on and admits she brought the situation to “social media court,” but did her part to prove her innocence and bring the conversation back to the main issue.

“MY BABY TOLD ME THIS MAN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HIM & i will continue to fight for my son’s justice,” FTN Bae wrote. “Thank you for all the support & prayers because this has been the hardest thing Iv ever lived through, But by the grace of God my family will get past this thank you.”

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