FTN Bae Arrested For Allegedly Violating Permanent Restraining Order & Stalking OTF Doodie Lo

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On Friday, FTN Bae was arrested and booked into the Broward County Jail for allegedly violating a restraining order and harassing OTF Doodie Lo. According to court documents, her charges include: aggravated stalking after injunction for protection and aggravated stalking-dating violence.

Doodie Lo’s lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, Esq., posted court documents and a letter speaking about FTN Bae’s lie detector results. “I am showing, from that lady’s own lie detector doctor (since everyone seems to be so “concerned” about lie detector results) reinstating what we already know about her,” she stated.  Doodie Lo’s lawyer continued, “Also included in the PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER the judge issued against her which she is in violation of as we speak!” She continued to say, “She has given you no facts supporting or corroborating evidence and yet you all still pay this misguided soul attention.”

In January, FTN Bae apologized and stated her son was not telling the truth. On Instagram Live, she said her son claimed he “made up” the story because he was “pooping in his pants.” FTN Bae didn’t elaborate too much on the conversation she alleges took place with her son, but she did say that her first thought was to “slide” for him, when she initially heard the news.

FTN Bae also publicly apologized and stated Doodie Lo took a lie detector test and passed. She also stated she “never tried to ruin his career” nor was she looking for “clout.”

“It’s done. It’s over with; he passed his test. My son told the truth. I genuinely do feel bad. I just needed him to help me.” She also stated she doesn’t know “why he said that s**t (referring to her son). I don’t know where that came from.”

As previously reported, FTN Bae shared an audio clip of her son Wesley telling his mother that her ex-boyfriend and OTF rapper Doodie Lo assaulted him in October of 2021.  FTN Bae took a lie detector test and posted her positive results on Instagram.

In response, Doodie Lo filed a defamation lawsuit back in December.

Doodie Lo stated he wanted to “recover damages for defamatory statements.” He also requested five million dollars in actual damages and 10 million dollars for punitive damages.

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