Film show: Valérie Lemercier tells Céline Dion’s Cinderella story in ‘Aline’

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Céline Dion’s life, love and power ballads come to the big screen as “Aline” tops the box office here in France. Film critic Lisa Nesselson tells us why she was charmed and entertained by Valérie Lemercier’s take on Quebec’s most famous musical export.

We also take a look back at the creative explosion sparked by the free French airwaves of the early 1980s in “Magnetic Beats”, while director Nicole Garcia constructs a dark love triangle in her latest thriller, “Lovers”.

And a retrospective of the work of Alain Resnais at the Cinémathèque Française provides an opportunity to revisit masterpieces like “Hiroshima Mon Amour”.

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