Film show: Gérard Depardieu as Inspector Maigret

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Prolific actor Gérard Depardieu takes on the role of iconic French inspector Jules Maigret in Patrice Leconte’s latest take. FRANCE 24’s film critic Lisa Nesselson tells us why she thinks Depardieu was born to play this role.

We also discuss how lowbrow comedies are often box office hits in France, with the current example of “Maison de retraite” or “Retirement Home”. The film also stars Depardieu as a resident who dishes out life lessons to a young man doing community service.

Director Stéphane Brizé questions how unforgiving capitalism can be with “Un Autre Monde” or “Another World”. Vincent Lindon plays a factory boss stuck between multiple rocks and multiple hard places.

Finally, “The Godfather” has been remastered for its 50th anniversary. Francis Ford Coppola was at a special event for the occasion. 

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