Editorialist Custom Wine Cellar Program: Parcelle Wine Bundles

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There are two general ways to approach wine. The first is as needed and tends to include thinking like, “I’m having steak tonight. I should go pick up a bottle of red wine.” The second is more involved, but far more rewarding. It entails keeping a full selection of wine at home, so you always have big reds for dinner, crisp whites for 5pm conference calls, and impressive bottles for your equally impressive in-laws. This approach allows you to learn what you like, explore new styles, and even delve into “collecting,” if you decide that’s your thing. 

We admit, however, that the world of wine is quite large, and maintaining a wine cellar can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve curated a few signature deliveries for you. From a one-time bundle of classic reds to monthly shipments of top-notch bottles, these sommelier-selected packages have you covered.

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