Due Dilly: The Startup Aiming to Bring Traditional Card Collectibles to the 21st Century

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Due Dilly, a blockchain startup based in Houston, is looking to boost the growth of the NFT ecosystem by bringing traditional physical collectible cards to the digital world.

As the Non-Fungible Token marketplace approaches the $13 million milestones in total sales, millions of collectors around the world have seen a declining interest in their physical card collections. Projects like NBA Hotshots have shown the benefits of collecting digital assets and the advantages they bring in terms of convenience, global exposure, accessibility, value, and more.

By allowing collectors to mint NFTs for every piece of their personal collections, Due Dilly is fulfilling its mission to create a new type of asset-backed NFTs that opens the world to a new type of collecting. Collectors only need to have their cards assessed, mint the NFT, mail their cards to have the startup vault them, and transact with the NFT in any way they want.

The project counts with the support from important investors, both in and out of the blockchain ecosystem, including Dapper Labs, Tribe Capital, co-founder of the Sandbox Sebastien Borget, Toy Ventures, executives from Animoca Brands, Ace Cap, Red Beard Ventures, Eric Ries, and Village Global.

Due Dilly closed its seed funding round back in August of 2021, raising an undisclosed amount in funding, which allowed it to develop its platform and unique analysis software. This solution evaluates the quality of the cards in terms of surface, corners, and centering, a process traditionally performed manually by private firms.

The merging of traditional and digital collectibles could play a major role in the adoption of NFT technology and the legitimization of the entire ecosystem. Due Dilly is already playing a major role in helping this integration take place in the sports card niche, planning to eventually expand to other types of collectibles.

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