DIY Terrarium Kits For Kids & Adults

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The best DIY terrarium kits for kids and adults to make or gift them. Explore the most brilliant mini, large, closed, and self-sustaining terrarium kits and find out where to buy them online.

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DIY Terrarium Kits for Kids & Adults

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Are you a plant lover who wants to try a fun and easy DIY project to do alone or with your family? Why not try one of these amazing DIY terrarium kits? It’s not only one of the most fun and relaxing creative hobbies but it will also make a stunning home decor item.

You’ll find here some of the best DIY terrarium kits for kids and adults that will boost your creativity and turn your home into a magical and lively place on a budget. All of the plants on the list are super low maintenance and are easy to care for even though they look simply beautiful.

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You’ll find here all kinds of terrarium kits with a wide variety of plants so it doesn’t matter if you love water plants, succulents, plants that bloom, or rare house plants you’ll find here a terrarium kit that’ll be a perfect fit in your home.

Many of these terrarium kits are also budget-friendly and can be used as night lights which is especially fun for kids.

This can actually be even a really fun way to make money from home. You can buy rare plant seeds separately, a nice terrarium, and sell them once they’re grown.

No matter if you want to care for it, gift it, or sell it you can’t go wrong with any of these breathtaking DIY terrarium kits.

26| Moss Terrarium Kit For Kids & Adults

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If you are looking for DIY terrarium kits for adults that are easy to start with and offer a superb display, Cute Farms have the right one for you. The kit includes reindeer moss, forest moss, lichen, and potting soil. Furthermore, you get two awesomely cool little dinos.

It is also among the best terrarium starter kits for beginners. In no time you are ready with your own little garden, and the pack comes with plant food and a care guide.

25| DIY Crystal Terrarium Kit For Kids & Adults

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One of the most stylish easy DIY terrarium kits for adults is this little zen garden. You can create a small, colorful bit of peace and calm in no time. The box includes everything you need; two beautiful gemstones, colored sand, and rocks in four different colors.

Besides the classy terrarium, you also get lavender and lemon essential oils for the ultimate tranquillity. It comes with a faux plant, therefore you do not have to worry about watering either but you can change them for live mini air plants if you prefer. This DIY terrarium is great in offices and therapy rooms as well.

24| Gift Box – Air Plant Terrarium Kit for Adults

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We love mini DIY terrarium kits for adults because they look good everywhere and are easy to care for. This little orb is a superb gift for your partner, client, or family member as well.

The air terrarium comes in a tasteful gift box that will certainly set the mood for valentine’s day or other special occasions. Its main plant is tillandsia and the seller will pick a good fit beside it for you.

23| Hand Blown Molten Glass on Wood Root Base – Succulent Terrarium Holder

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Although it is only the vase you can order, it is definitely among the best and most unique ones. The hand-blown glass vase with a root base is truly magnificent. Without a doubt, it would be the highlight of every room.

You can then order one of the best DIY terrarium kits for kids and adults to then create a display everyone admires. Create your own little fairy garden that brings magic into your life.

If you like rare house plants you can get the rainbow succulent and a starter succulent kit.

22| Cat Mini Crystal Ball Moss DIY Aqua Terrarium Kits

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If you are looking for cute DIY self-sustaining terrarium kits then check out this beautiful collection of moss and crystals. It’s a very unique and beautiful option that’s also very low-maintenance and super easy to take care of.

This terrarium kit is great for beginners too, you can set it all up in less than an hour. Furthermore, the kit comes with a nice variety of crystal spheres to make sure yours is the coolest terrarium on the block. The seller also has other terrarium types in case you’d prefer something else than a cat.

21| Venus Fly Trap Terrarium Kit For Kids & Adults

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One of the best DIY terrarium kits for kids and adults is this exotic set. Both little ones and adults are going to love the Venus Fly Traps and the colorful Sundew plants. The whole display is crowned with a majestic blue quartz stone.

The kit includes absolutely everything, therefore you do not have to worry about anything, simply add water and you are all set. That is the reason we think it is among the best DIY terrarium kits for kids.

20| Mini Air Plant Terrarium Kit

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If you love mini terrarium kits, this little beauty is definitely going to make your day. The mini air plant terrarium kit includes a beautiful sky plant, dusty pink reindeer moss, magical rose quartz, and natural sand. The terrarium comes in two shapes, round, and teardrop.

This beautiful terrarium is most definitely going to be a great addition to any home decor. It can be a great present for anyone who loves nature, at home or in the office.

19| Light-Up DIY Terrarium Kit for Kids

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One of the most fun easy DIY terrarium kits for kids is this dinosaur terrarium kit for sure. It is a lot of fun to assemble and then watch the little garden grow into lush greenery.

It also glows in the dark to serve as a night light. If you want to make your kids fall in love with science and dinosaurs while having fun, there is no doubt, this is an amazing choice.

18| Dinosaur & Moss Terrarium Kit For Kids

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Getting DIY terrarium kits for kids is a really great idea to encourage creativity. With this small terrarium, you can set the mood for the next birthday party, as it is a fun activity to assemble. You can choose from thirteen different dinosaurs that would “roam” the mossy lands.

You are going to receive all you need, so there is no further purchase required once you hit the order button. As it is easy to assemble, children over four would definitely love this terrarium.

17| Live Tillandsia Air Plant Terrarium Kit With Led Light

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In case you would like unique closed DIY terrarium kits for adults, this LED lit air terrarium is for you. Take your game to the next level and have a superb decoration that could set the mood for any party as well. The lights change colors and everything is included in the box.

Once you arrange everything as you like, you can place the cork top on and let the show begin! This beautiful set comes with green sand, real preserved colored reindeer moss, a live tillandsia air plant, and a seashell.

16| Easy Air Plant Terrarium with Purple Agate

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One of the most remarkable self-sustaining terrarium kits is this colorful air plant terrarium. The colors are truly outstanding, every room would be lit up by the magical beauty of it.

The purple button flowers and the pink reindeer moss create a fascinating display on the turquoise sand. The purple agate stone is also a fascinating addition, you are definitely going to have a lot of interesting conversations at your next party if you have this terrarium in the room.

15| Unicorn Terrarium Kit for Kids with Rainbow Fairy Lights

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Among the best DIY terrarium kits for kids, you are going to find some really interesting ones. This unicorn terrarium is a superb weekend activity, as you can paint the unicorns and the fairytale castle to your preferences.

Furthermore, it is a grow-it-yourself terrarium, so it helps the little ones learn responsibilities and feel the joy of looking after something. The dome comes with fairy lights, so you can use it as a night light too.

14| DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit For Kids With Light

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Are you looking for fun closed DIY terrarium kits for kids? Then this unicorn or pegasus pet terrarium kit is a superb choice. It can be ordered with or without the jar. Therefore, in case you have a vase or terrarium you need to find a good use for, you can order only the kit.

The kit includes seeds, soil, charcoal, gems, and the little one’s own pet, a unicorn or pegasus. Upon ordering you can ask for personalization for the jar stand.

13| Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Kit for Kids

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Here is another super DIY terrarium kit for kids. Your children’s imagination can soar without any limits. In the kit, there are all sorts of colorful and fun items, such as glowing sand, figurines, and stickers. It is a grow yourself terrarium, so every day is a really interesting time, while during the night it all glows with many colors.

This is a super easy kit everyone can have fun with. Order a few for the next birthday party and every kid is going to have fun building it.

12| Air Plant Terrarium Kit For Adults

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If you prefer self-sustaining terrarium kits or dried air plant terrariums, this is a fantastic choice. The kit comes with all sorts of beautiful air plants, including lonantha and dried beauties. On the natural sand bed it creates a relaxing and sort of rustic vibe.

If you would like to surprise someone with a tasteful DIY terrarium kit, this would be a great option as it doesn’t take much effort to keep alive. Additionally, it is easy to assemble, so in no time it is ready.

11| DIY Terrarium Kit for Kids

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One of our favorite closed DIY terrarium kits for kids is this pea shoot garden. The design itself is very cute, with colorful sand at the bottom, but the best is that kids can grow and harvest. With a little care they can grow their own healthy snacks.

The little figurines and stickers will help kids create a fairytale garden of their dreams. Furthermore, the top lights up serve as a desktop lamp or night light.

10| Air Plant DIY Terrarium Kit For Adults

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Most of the DIY terrarium kits for adults are more than a fun activity to assemble. This air plant terrarium kit is actually really stylish and would be a great addition to any library, office or living room.

You can order a larger terrarium kit for the teardrop and a smaller one if you prefer the round terrarium. All of its plants are carefully selected to create a harmonious mixture of colors. The highlight of the terrarium is the sparkly gold hematite.

9| Glass Geometric Plant Terrarium

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Those who are looking for large DIY terrarium kits for adults will be delighted to come across this terrarium. It is only the terrarium, so you would have to order a separate succulent kit.

The seller has a number of really neat and unique designs, so you can rest assured, your terrarium is going to be truly one of a kind. It will be difficult to choose as all of the options are really amazing. If you are decorating your office or winter garden, this is certainly a great pick.

8| Glass Globe DIY Succulents Terrarium Kit

Sometimes the best DIY terrarium kits for kids and adults are the simplest ones. This succulent terrarium is great for kids because it is easy to take care of it, while adults would love the colorful setting too. If you are looking for a housewarming gift, you can order it with a personalized card too.

Even if someone is not a plant person, this makes a good gift, because these succulents are super low maintenance and can survive many days without water.

7| DIY Bigfoot Terrarium Kit For Kids & Adults

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Beware! Bigfoot crossing! While it is advertised mainly as a kid’s DIY terrarium, we are convinced all bigfoot fans would love to have it. Grow your own garden alone is really fun, however, seeing bigfoot lurking around in the greens is always a sight.

You can order it with or without the jar and the top lights up making it a remarkable decoration in any room. For kids, it can be a unique night light too.

6| Light-Up Terrarium Kit for Kids

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If you are in search of fun DIY terrarium kits for kids between the age of 6 and 12, this one is a lovely choice. The kit comes with everything one will need to create a magical garden that will flourish if they take good care of it.

Children at that age need to get familiar with the concept of responsibility, and this kit is perfect for a fun and educational time. The top lights up, therefore it will be a great night light for little ones.

5| Tabletop Natural Wood Board LED Succulents Grow Light Display

Buy It Here

Are you looking for fun and stylish home decor ideas? Do you love succulents but there isn’t much sunshine where you live? This tabletop lampstand is a great option to up your terrarium game.

Once you get the light, you can order the terrarium and the kit from a different seller. The lamp comes in various sizes, so you can fit larger terrariums under the light. The largest size is 40cm (16”).

4| Sea Glass & Driftwood DIY Terrarium kit

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This superb succulent DIY terrarium for adults is a great decoration in every colorful home. The sea glass, rocks, and moss will create a nice and cheerful display with succulents. It is also easy to assemble and more importantly, easy to take care of.

You cannot go wrong with succulents when it comes to gifting terrariums. Each terrarium comes with a miniature of your choice.

3| Enclosed Sustainable Terrarium Kit

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We cannot have enough of these magical self-sustaining terrarium kits. They can be ordered as DIY or you can ask for a pre-made one in case you don’t feel like assembling.

It is better to order DIY, as it is usually a lot of fun to create something yourself, while you can also work out the best style for yourself. The wonderful mess of plants in this terrarium is going to bring magic into every home.

2| Potter Glass Terrarium Planter Wardian Case Container with Green Glass Accent

Buy It Here

This planter or terrarium looks simply amazing. There is no doubt, it will light up every corner of any home. You will have to order a DIY terrarium kit as well because this is only the glass cover. The beautiful little details are amazing, we are certain no one will be able to resist ordering once laying their eyes on it.

1| DIY Succulents & Grafted Moon Cactus Terrarium Kit

Buy It Here

If you feel ready for large DIY terrarium kits for adults, this amazing mixture is a must-have. It contains a number of colorful and exotic-looking plants. For example, the moon cacti are certainly going to draw everyone’s attention.

It is also easy to take care of, the kit comes with activated charcoal to keep the water clean. You can set it up and delight all your family members or friends with the sight of this beauty.

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