Diplo Makes the Case for the Late Fall Buzz Cut

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This is Grooming Gods, a tour of the best and wildest grooming out there this week. 


Amy Sussman


Take a fresh buzz and some 10th grade weed dealer facial hair—then make it fashion.  


Amy Sussman

Al Pacino 

Nobody is doing grizzled Hollywood veteran this well. 


Michael Ostuni

Andy Cohen 

Andy Cohen’s silver fox era continues to shine. 


Mike Coppola

Kevin Hart and Matthew Broderick 

Speaking of silver fox eras, Broderick is roaring into his. And then, this is just a terrific skin fade-to-beard transition on Hart—maybe show this to your barber. 



Dwayne Wade 

Another great beard fade. 


Paras Griffin

Michael B. Jordan and Chris Tucker 

Presumably sharing tips for thin chinstrap maintenance. 


Raymond Hall

Bradley Cooper

A powerful case for slicking it straight back. 



Jax Taylor 

The number one mustache of the week for the number one guy in the group. 

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