Dior Lip Glow Oil: Why TikTok Made Me Buy This Lip-Enhancing Gloss

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Of all the beauty products that have gone viral on TikTok was one multifunctioning lip gloss from Dior, the Addict Lip Glow Oil. And while I am typically pretty skeptical about buying products that are trending at any given moment, as soon as I saw my first user swipe the gloss across her lips, I instantly knew I had to get my hands on it.

What set this gloss apart for me, even on social media, was the natural glow it delivered while seemingly enhancing your lip’s natural color, video after video. Following an unsuccessful online search and several trips to Sephora, I realized that the gloss had inevitably sold out—though I shouldn’t have been surprised considering the hashtag #diorlipoil has generated over 70 million views to date on the app.

Scrolling through the videos, you’ll see users swiping the product onto their lips with a large, doe-foot applicator. TikToker (@princessrouge) says it offers a “10 out of 10 shine” that she’s obsessed with, while others say it feels “juicy.” One user, @aliciasannn, wrote on her TikTok that it’s the “best lip gloss/oil [she’s] ever tried” and that it makes her “lips look like they have fillers.”

The oil is a favorite among celebrities and influencers too. In a recent TikTok, model Bella Hadid walks us through a morning routine where she applies a berry shade of the Dior gloss as the sole makeup product of choice before a photoshoot. Furthermore, Emily Alyn Lind, who stars in HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot, calls the oil “soothing”—nourishing her lips with it during her skin-care routine in her installment of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets.

How could anyone resist such impressive testimonies from just a gloss? Thankfully, the coveted formula is finally back in stock in select colors for us to stock up on or try for the first time. Infused with cherry oil, it is described by Dior as “a glossy lip oil that deeply protects and enhances the lips, lastingly bringing out their natural color.” Even more, the Lip Glow Oil is formulated to protect and soften while delivering a shine that is neither sticky nor greasy on its own or over another lip product. Just take your pick of eight shining shades.

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