Deepika Padukone to Tiger Shroff; 7 actors to be seen in Hindi remakes of International titles

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7 actors to be seen in Hindi remakes of International titles

Adaptations of popular international titles in 2022

Bollywood is well-known for its unique movies and talented artists. Time and again, our filmmakers have not just entertained the audience with diverse movies but also educated, reflected, and shaped our sense of who we are and our understanding of the society in which we live. While the Indian film industry has started throwing the spotlight on topics untouched, it does not fail to take inspiration from around the world. To keep their audience hooked to the screens, our filmmakers have started choosing hit movies from the west and remaking them. Be it foreign plays, books, or Hollywood, movie makers usually get motivated to curate their final project in every possible avenue. In recent times, filmmakers have even started purchasing the rights to Hollywood films. From Judwaa, a copy of Jackie Chan starrer Twin Dragons to Partner sourced from Will Smith’s Hitch to Fool N Final inspired by Snatch, the list can go on and on. Here is a list of 7 actors who are gearing up for their official Hindi remakes of the top hit international titles

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