Claude VonStroke Talks Experimentation, Surrealism Art and More: “I Don’t Think There’s Enough Risk-Taking In Our Scene” –

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Claude VonStroke wants your weird music.

The Dirtybird co-founder and esteemed house music producer is currently on the hunt for the weirdest and most innovative music out there.

“I listen to every track that is submitted for consideration on Dirtybird,” VonStroke told in a recent interview. “It’s a crucial part of my day. But I feel like everything that’s been submitted recently sounds the same. I want to hear some new, weird stuff. That’s what I’m currently looking for right now.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows and listens to VonStroke’s music. Throughout his last 17 years spearheading Dirtybird’s events, apparel sales, and musical endeavors, he’s also managed to release six albums.

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