Christmas Gallery: 5 Tips to click great pictures this festive season

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If there’s one thing, we all want to do before and after every event, it’s clicking pictures and posting them on social media. Not only does it make our social media stand out from the clutter but also helps us to save such precious moments and etch them in our memories forever.

With festive time just right the corner, most of us want to make the best of pictures and showcase our skills.

So, get ready to put your best foot forward and click some breath-taking Christmas pictures that will take your festive spirit a notch higher.

Here are a few tips that will help you click professional pictures even if you are just a beginner.

Christmas tree

Find the best angle

The golden rule of photography is to select a good angle before clicking pictures. The basic rule that many photographers follow while taking wide-angle pictures is to place the subject towards the extreme corners. This makes your photos look professional and attractive.

Light matters

No shot is perfect without good light. So, if it’s the Christmas tree or the delicious cake that calls for your photography skills, make sure to adjust the light before taking your shot. You can take help from natural light since it’s the best option. However, if natural light isn’t the option, artificial lights will work just as fine. Yellow light works well as they are flattering and enhances your subject without making it too bright.

lighting for photography

Tripod can be a saviour

If you end up clicking blurred images because of a shaky hand, you can seek help from Tripod. This will bring stillness in your shots and will give you the space to experiment.

tripod helps

Don’t make your shots look cluttered

This can be a task for many. In order to get that perfect shot, you have to de-clutter your shots but not make them look too vague. Draw attention to your main subject but make sure to make the background look just as interesting as the subject. However, this shouldn’t act as a distraction from your main subject. So, get your photographer’s hat on and start experimenting with your shots. This might take a lot of effort but once you are into it, everything will fall into place on its own.

Try different modes

Whether it’s your mobile camera or a DSLR, switching between modes always helps you click better pictures. While it takes time to find out which mode works best for a particular shot, once you have figured that out, you can apply that rule everywhere. If you are just beginning, avoid playing with modes and go with the automatic settings of your camera. This will save you from the hassle and you can click good pictures at ease. However, moving forward do experiment with modes and learn how to use them.

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